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09 December 2025 @ 06:53 pm
Master Fic Post (last updated: 1st March 2014)  

Beneath the cut is a list of all the fanfiction I have at LJ
For more fic in each of the below listed fandoms and many others, please see my Fanfiction.net Profile Page and my AO3 Page



Hey Jealousy (PG-13)
(One-shot) River understands the power of both jealousy and love. Jayne is about to learn about these things.
written for the members of rayne_shippers

Of Hats, and Sexin', and Math, Oh My! (PG-13)
(One-shot) River gets it into her head that marrying Jayne is the best idea ever! written for raven_40
based on her art

Thrilling Heroics (PG-13)
It was supposed to be just another job, until one man went down and his partner realised she could not live without him...
written for girlsavesboyfic
Part 1
> Part 2 (original, dark version)
> Part 2 (new, lighter version)

All Around Me (PG)
(One-shot) All her life, eyes had been on her... Seven out of nine were to blame, one was different. written for basched, as part of the Music Shuffle meme

First Date (PG)
(One-shot) River never had a real date before; maybe Jayne can do something about that... written for raven_40, as part of the Music Shuffle meme

Sugar Water (PG-13)
(One-shot) post-BDM, River-bird is only sated by Jayne-man's sweet nectar. written for sunshineali, from her prompt hummingbird feeder

Sewn (PG)
(One-shot) River knows Jayne can never love her as she loves him.
based on Sewn by The Feeling, as part of the 30-day Music meme

Are You Lonesome Tonight? (G)
(One-shot) If music be the food of love... based on Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Elvis, as part of the 30-day Music meme


F is for Flirt (PG)
(One-shot) River likes Jayne's home planet more than expected... or is it just his brother thats the attraction? written for rjsteamboat76, as part of the A-Z challenge meme

C is for Caress (PG-13)
(One-shot) River learns and loves not by words but by touch. written for rjsteamboat76, as part of the A-Z challenge meme

Other Ships and/or Non-Shipper

Venus (PG-13)
(One-shot) You always fight with the one you love... based on Venus by Bananarama, as part of the 30-day Music meme

Good Riddance (Time of your Life) (PG)
(One-shot) Mal parts ways with the love of his life. based on Good Riddance (Time of your Life) by Green Day, as part of the 30-day Music meme

Feeling of Serenity (PG-13)
(One-shot) River contemplates life after Miranda.


Casey vs. the Doppleganger (PG)
(One-shot) John Casey meets a man that's a little too familar for comfort, in a situation beyond his control.



Catch Me If You Can (PG)
(One-shot) Thieves normally hate being caught, but the only person she wants underneath her when that harness fails and she's dropping like a stone, is Eliot Spencer. written for rozabellalove, as part of the E/P Prompt meme

Life As They Knew It (PG)
(One-shot) They're not prepared for marriage or family. written for meg63005, as part of the E/P Prompt meme

Boys Will Be Girls (PG/PG-13)
(One-shot) AU Season 1 - one of the guys screams like a girl, but who is it and why? written for leverageland, as part of the TV Tropin' Challenge

To The Highest Bidder Go The Spoils (PG-13)
(One-shot) Parker gets carried away at an unlikely auction... written for caitriona_3 / leverageland, for the Gift Giving Challenge

Why Can't I? (PG-13)
(One-shot) AU Season 4. Eliot tries to be there for Parker in a time of crisis... and promptly wishes he hadn't! written for hollow_echos / leverageland, for the Gift Giving Challenge

Taking the Heat (PG/PG-13)
(One-shot) As far as the team are concerned it was all Eliot's fault, but he's just doing his job, protecting those who need it. written for jesco0307, as part of the Music Shuffle meme

Honourable People (PG/PG-13)
(One-shot) Tag for The Maltese Falcon Job - Parker doesn't deal well with emotions; Eliot tries to help. written for betty_mraz, for leverageland cheerleading

'Charming Bingo'
written for leverageland, and based on prompts given
Finding Peace I & II - sleep & happiness.  Happy Birthday, Parker! & Taking Care - bash & sneeze.  Easier to Pretend - clumsy.
Secret Santa - snow.  Happily Ever After - grim.  A Mighty Roar & A Picture Worth 1,000 Words - grumpy & doctor.

Exit Wounds (PG/PG-13)
(One-shot) Eliot provides an exit for the rest of the team, but will it cost him too much? written for jesco0307, from her prompt (used as summary)

Shadows of the Past (PG/PG-13)
(One-shot) Someone unexpected shows up from Parker's past during a con and throws her for a loop. written for tinylegacies, from her prompt (used as summary)

Two Steps Behind (PG/PG-13)
(One-shot) Parker is being followed, and for once, she doesn't mind at all. written for hollow_echos, from her prompt ('Eliot's following Parker')

Yes Sir, No Sir (PG)
(One-shot) Archie comes back to ask Parker for help with another job; Eliot isn't happy about it. written for meg63005, from her prompt (used as first half of summary)

Don't Say A Word (G/PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) In a world where the grift from 'The Ice Man Job' was real...

Complex Saviour (PG-13)
(One-shot, Mini Bang) Eliot is gone and not by his own choice. His team are at odds trying to figure out the best way to bring him back, but Parker never was much for talking things through. She just wants to go save the man she cares she more about than she ever realised before, no matter what dangers it involves... written for heroinebigbang 2012

Leap of Faith (PG-13)
(One-shot) Parker has a choice to make - who does she trust the most? for caitriona_3

Mind Over Matter (PG)
(One-shot) AU Season 4. Eliot loses his memory for jesco0307

A Chance Encounter (PG-13)
(One-shot) “The worst thing one can do is not to try, to be aware of what one wants and not give in to it, to spend years in silent hurt wondering if something could have materialised - never knowing.” for caitriona_3

Santa Baby (PG-13)
(One-shot) The morning after 'The Ho Ho Ho Job'. Eliot, Parker, and a Santa Hat. for hannasus

Our First Christmas (PG)
(One-shot) Eliot & Parker's first Christmas with a new baby. for meg63005

Nobody's Fool (G)
(One-shot, Drabble) Parker's POV of the teams view on her. written for a Music Meme; song by Avril Lavigne

You and Me (PG/PG-13)
(One-shot) Whatever happens with Parker, Eliot is always going to be there for her.written for caitriona_3's birthday

The Perfect Gift (PG-13)
(One-shot) Futurefic - Eliot, Parker, and a simple ornament. written for caitriona_3 for Christmas 2013

The Night Before Christmas (PG-13)
(One-shot) Futurefic - ‘Twas the night before Christmas...’ written for vampgirly for Christmas 2013

Eliot & Sterling

Sun, Sea, Sand, Sterling, & Spencer (PG)
(One-shot) Sterling needs a bodyguard; enter Eliot. written for sigrundora

Fight Like Hell (PG-13)
(One-shot) It's movie night at Leverage HQ... written for sigrundora

Unsubstantiated Rumour (PG-13)
(One-shot) post-Season 5 - “How many times have I told you not to do that?” written for sigrundora for Christmas 2013

Other Ships and/or Non-Shipper

Once Upon A Parker (PG-13)
(One-shot) Crack!Fic. Once upon a time, there lived an unhappy young woman named Parkerella... (EP, PH, EPH) written for tinylegacies / leverageland, for the Gift Giving Challenge

Don't Look Back (PG)
(One-shot) Sophie and Nate have walked away many times, but they always come back. Will this time be different? written for fleurlb, as part of the Music Shuffle meme

The Heir Apparent (G/PG)
(One-shot) One of the team discovers a past they never could have imagined! written for leverageland, as part of the Grab Bag Challenge

Where Angels Fear To Tread(PG)
(One-shot) They called it an accident and those naive people who knew no better believed it... written for leverageland, for the 'Rest in Pieces' challenge

Two of a Kind (PG)
(One-shot) Eliot meets a handsome stranger - a kind of crossover with RPF written for jesco0307, for leverageland cheerleading

One Shiny Movie Night (PG)
(One-shot) It is Hardison's turn to choose the movie the Leverage Team will watch tonight. Little did they know how much a movie about space cowboys could change their lives and relationships... written for basched's birthday 2011

Hey, Good Lookin’. Whatcha Got Cookin’? (PG-13)
(One-shot) AU Season 4? Prompt: Eliot in the kitchen … the rest is up to you. But put the boy in an apron and glasses, and I'm yours for life. written for scout_lover

Brian Wilson (PG-13)
(One-shot) Nate is drowning, every day. written for Music meme; song by BNL

On My Mind (PG-13)
(One-shot) People who ought to be together always find each other. written for Music meme; song by Me First & The Gimme Gimmes

Cover of the Rolling Stone (PG)
(One-shot) Eliot Spencer never asked to be famous. written for Music meme; song by Dr Hook


Double Trouble (PG-13)
(One-shot) Eliot, Lindsey, and a stupid vampire! written for poestheblackcat

Bigger Than The Both Of Us (PG-13)
(One-shot) Angel 5.22 / pre-Leverage - The fact Lindsey has come to see Eliot proves things just got serious. written for telaryn


Crazy Is As Crazy Does (PG)
(One-shot) When old friends Eliot Spencer and Clint Barton meet up for dinner, they thought bringing their girlfriends along would be a fun idea... yeah, right! written for caitriona_3

Wooden Soldiers (PG)
(One-shot) Nobody understands a soldier like a fellow man of war. written for theron09

Line Up (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Two teams; one mission written for a music meme; song by Aerosmith

Alive (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Eliot likes to feel the thrill of being alive. written for a music meme; song by Cheap Trick

Independent Women (PG-13)
(One-shot) post-series Leverage / post-Avengers - Parker meets Natasha written for theron09, Christmas 2013


An Irrational Dislike (PG)
(One-shot) The Leverage crew never expected to find themselves 500 years in the future, needing the help of a familiar looking man... written for leverageland, for the Secret Agent Challenge

The Browncoat Job (PG/PG-13)
(One-shot) AU - Sometimes its more fun to come up against someone you're not certain you can beat. written for basched


The Storybrooke Job (PG)
(One-shot) AU S2 OUAT / S5 Leverage - Gold wants the very best Birthday gift retrieved for Belle, so he called a specialist. written for hollymac_79


The Leap In Job (PG-13)
Crossover with Quantum Leap - When Dr Sam Beckett makes his latest leap into infamous Robin Hood style thief Nathan Ford, he never could imagine how complicated things were about to get. Thankfully, he has Al to help him out, as always, but this isn't going to be a simple job. If Nate is such a Mastermind, why would Sam be needed for a heist? Maybe that's not what he's here for. When Parker runs away, it seems it might be more of an emotional problem that Sam is here to fix, in place of Nate who wouldn't know where to begin. Potential love triangles, complex cons, and a grifter with a crush on him? Even Sam Beckett wasn't quite ready for this leap!
Chapters 1 & 2 - Chapter 3 & 4 - Chapter 5 & 6 - Chapter 7 & 8


Mistaken Identity (PG)
(One-shot) post-Season 4 Leverage. One (unlikely) day, Sterling meets Wick in a case of mistaken identity. written for sigrundora


Comic Timing (PG)
(One-shot) Hardison is not going to miss out on his comic books just because the crew are in Pasadena... written for hollymac_79, based on her prompt 'A Leverage/Big Bang Theory Crossover. Hardison and Eliot wind up at the comic book store that the Gang frequents. How would Eliot and Hardison react to the Big Bang Crew? Let your mind wander from there'


Unlikely Matchmakers (PG/PG-13)
(One-shot) post-S3 Veronica Mars / AU S3 Leverage (yes, I know the timelines don't match, just go with it) - Sometimes the most unlikely people make the best matchmakers; sometimes the most unlikely relationships turn out to be epic. written for hannasus, for her Birthday

The Blonde Leading the Blonde (PG-13)
(One-shot) Sequel to Unlikely Matchmakers. Sophie is marrying Nate, but can she truly trust him? Her bridesmaids, Veronica Mars (Nate's niece) and Parker, plan to find out! written for jesco0307

Everyone Has Needs (PG-13)
(One-shot) Sequel to The Blonde Leading the Blonde. Eliot has had a long hard day, he doesn't need this crap! written for hannasus, for her Birthday

Blonde Justice (PG)
(One-shot) Future VM / AU S4 Leverage - The FBI are descending on the Leverage team's latest heist; Agent Mars is about to meet her match! written for ella_bee

The Neptune Job (aka Heirs and Graces) (PG-13)
AU Season 2 for Leverage / 3 years post-series for Veronica Mars. August 2009. Logan Echolls has always wanted a real family, so when Cliff discovers there may be a long lost half-sister out in the world, Logan, Veronica, & Mac are determined to find her. Meanwhile, the Leverage crew are on a job that has them bound for L.A. but before they can take down the bad guys, Hardison is worried that a hacker is on Parker's electronic trail. When two crime-fighting teams collide, two make-shift families crossover. There'll be tears, laughter, kidnapping, murder, and many an awkward conversation before the Summer is over! Written for the crossbigbang
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8


Logan/Veronica (LoVe)

Y is for Yearbook (G/PG)
(One-shot) 9 years post-Season 3. Does Veronica really want to face a Reunion at Neptune High? LoVe. written for sanya4, as part of the A-Z challenge meme

X is for X-Terra (PG/PG-13)
(One-shot) post S2/pre-S3. Veronica worries that Logan might want to 'trade her in' for someone better. LoVe. written for sanya4, as part of the A-Z challenge meme

Last Man Standing (PG/PG-13)
(One-shot) Post-Season 3. Veronica has been gone from Neptune a while, but she's been keeping tabs. Some people are too important to be forgotten, especially when they have a tendency to get themselves into a lot of trouble... LoVe.
written for girlsavesboyfic, for 2011

Green Eyed Monster on a White Horse (PG/PG-13)
(One-shot) When Veronica is in a fix, Logan is always there just waiting to help. The reason why might not be what she thought. LoVe. written for fleurlb, as part of the Music Shuffle meme

Honey I'm Home (PG-13)
(One-shot) Future/would-be Season 4. Keith comes home early, Veronica's not there, but someone else is... written for southrnbygrace, as part of the Music Shuffle meme

Back To You (G/PG)
(One-shot) No matter how far apart Veronica and Logan get, something always brings them back together... right? written for hannasus, from her prompt ('Backup')

Tearin' Us Apart (G)
(One-shot, Drabble) The last break up... at least that's what they think. part of the a music meme; song by Plain White Ts

You Better Run (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Sometimes things just come to an end. part of the a music meme; song by Pat Benatar

Sound of Your Voice (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Pining never helped anybody; somebody needs to make the first move. part of the a music meme; song by Barenaked Ladies

One Way or Another (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Veronica always gets the person she's after - she's not the only one. part of the a music meme; song by Blondie

Free At Last (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Logan isn't usually the camping type; today is special. written for southrnbygrace, from her prompt (camping)

Other Ship and/or Non-Shipper

Veronica (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) No matter how far you run, your friends with find you. part of the a music meme; song by Elvis Costello

One Way or Another (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Veronica always gets the person she's after - she's not the only one. part of music meme; song by Blondie

How Can I Be Saved (PG-13)
(One-shot, Drabble) Dick cries for his brother. part of music meme; song by Mobile

Teenage Kicks (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Mac isn't Dick's usual type. part of music meme; song by The Undertones


Rhythm of the Night (PG-13)
(One-shot) post-Avengers Assemble / during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.; AU future Veronica Mars - The most unlikely people meet in the Rhythm of the Night nightclub... written for southrnbygrace, for Christmas 2013


Get Out Of Jail Free Card (PG)
(One-shot) Futurefic. Sometimes even Veronica Mars could use a little help fixing the situations her fiance gets into! written for southrnbygrace


U is for Uncool (PG)
(One-shot) Lindsay thinks she will always be uncool; Daniel disagrees. Lindsay/Daniel. written for fleurlb, as part of the A-Z challenge meme


John Casey/Ellie Bartowski (Jellie)

D is for Dinner (PG)
(One-shot) Post-S3. Nothing more simple than dinner between friends... right? written for basched, as part of the A-Z challenge meme

Casey vs the Future (PG)
(One-shot) Double Drabble. Casey visits with Ellie and baby Clara. written for basched

Here's to the Future (PG)
(One-shot) Sequel to Casey vs the Future. A mostly happy family holiday in the Bartowski/Casey household. written for night_lotus, as part of the Music Shuffle meme

Casey vs the Art of Seduction (PG-13/R)
(One-shot) Season 2 - AU post- Chuck vs the Seduction. Casey can seduce, no matter what Chuck and Sarah think. written for basched based on her prompt (see summary) and for night_lotus, for her Birthday (2012)

Have You Ever Seen The Rain? (PG-13)
(One-shot) Love is blind. written for basched

Sweetness and Light (PG)
(One-shot) AU Season 4 maybe? Casey, Ellie, and a sweet family Christmas. written for night_lotus

Other Ships / Non-Shipper

Gorram Greta (PG)
(One-shot) Chuck/Firefly crossover. AU Chuck vs The A Team. 100-word Drabble. Casey hand-picked his Gretas, and there's a real good reason for one of his choices.

Casey vs the Old Flame (PG)
(One-shot) Casey never expected to see her again, especially not in Paris, especially not now... (Casey/OC, Jellie) written for basched, for her Birthday (2012)

Shake Your Moneymaker (PG-13)
(One-shot, Drabble) Exactly what 'alternate' skills might the Intersect contain? part of the a music meme; song by Fleetwood Mac


Sheldon/Penny (Shenny)

The Surprise Party Vacillation (PG)
(One-shot) It's Sheldon's Birthday and only Penny seems to understand what he's going through. written for hollymac_79


Jack Sparrow / Elizabeth Swann (Sparrabeth)

Dream Lover (PG-13)
(One-shot) Present Day, AU. She knew him before she ever saw him, and the shock of it had her dropping her books all over the floor of the lecture hall... written for raven_40, based on her prompt the song 'Hot Blooded' by Foreigner, plus the Fantasy genre

As Legend Tells (PG)
(One-shot) 'If she must be known, be loved and revered, let it be for an achievement made, for some heroic act or moment of true glory in the face of adversity. written for florencia7 , based on her prompt the song 'Fifteen Minutes' by Robbie Nevil

Sailing Full Circle (PG)
(One-shot) AU Futurefic. 'With a sigh that did not suit him, Captain Jack Sparrow circled the chair that would be his own throne now, handed down through generations. He ran a ring-adorned hand along the back and the arm and then took his rightful place, the Keeper of the Codex, until the day he too would die.' written for florencia7 , for her Birthday (2012)

All I Want For Christmas (PG-13)
(One-shot) post-AWE Christmas. Elizabeth & Jack in a Winter Wonderland... written for florencia7 for Christmas 2012

Colourblind (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Sometimes, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. written for music meme; song by Darius

Sloop John B (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Jack loves the life of a pirate. written for music meme; song by The Beach Boys


Browncoats and Bad Eggs (PG)
(One-shot) AU post-BDM / AU post-AWE. Its Captain vs Captain, space pirate vs space cowboy, in a futuristic adventure where Serenity meets the Black Pearl in space (with a couple of Star Wars references tossed in, just because! lol) written for mizzy2k, based on her prompt 'The Serenity meets the Black Pearl!'


Rumpelstiltskin/Belle (Rumbelle)

You Drive, I'll Steer (PG-13)
(One-shot) During an imagined Season 2, Belle is freaked out by most modern appliances, but Rumpestiltskin has noticed that one advance in technology seems to interest her... written for hollymac_79

The Gift Of Love (PG-13)
(One-shot) During an imagined Season 2, Rumbelle's First Christmas Together in Storybrooke. written for hollymac_79

I Know What I Want (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Rumpel can't have the one thing he truly wants. written for music meme; song by Cheap Trick

Stop Loving You (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Love isn't as easy to get over as Rumpel thought. written for music meme; song by Toto

Angel of Mercy (PG)
(One-shot) It was Belle that guided Rumpel all his 400 years, though she couldn't know she wore an angel's face, and it took a miracle to make him realise they were one and the same. written for walkwithheroes as part of the Rumbelle Spring Exchange at rumpel_belle.

For The Man Who Has Everything (PG-13)
(One-shot) An imagined mid/late Season 3 - It's a special day in Rumpel's life, and Belle intends to make it memorable. written for hollymac_79

A Winter's Tale (PG)
(One-shot) Somewhere in a (AU) Storybrooke future - Belle isn't enjoying the winter snow as much as usual, but the warmth of spring is just around the corner. (Rumbelle, Ruby/Jefferson)written for roxymoron101 as part of the Rumbelle Exchange at rumpel_belle.

Home for Christmas (PG-13)
(One-shot) Futurefic - Rumpel, Belle, and a White Christmas! written for florencia7

Other Ships and/or Non-Shipper

Time After Time (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Mary Margaret dreams of another world. written for music meme; song by Eva Cassidy

A Charming Turn of Events (PG-13)
(One-shot) AU Pre-Storybrooke. Regina's life suddenly changes for the better. Regina/Charming. written for alinaandalion


Tomorrow (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Even for Natasha Romanoff, being tough isn't always easy. written for music meme; song by Lillix

Coffee, Tea, or Me? (PG)
(One-shot) Steve Rogers has an admirer at the coffee shop. written for a challenge at avland

Shotgun Wedding (PG-13)
(One-shot) When you marry Bruce Banner, you're also marrying The Other Guy... and his team too! written for a challenge at avland

Coffee Breaking (PG)
(One-shot) Cracky AU - A snapshot look at the up & downs of the staff and patrons at Fury's Java House written for a challenge at avland

Loose Lips Sink Ships (PG-13)
(One-shot) The Avengers discover fanfiction... with interesting results! Warnings: suggested slash & kink. written for a challenge at avland


Gorram Hammer Man (PG-13)
(One-shot) post-Thor and post-BDM. An unexpected visitor comes aboard Serenity... written for a challenge at avland


Couldn’t I Just Tell You (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Nico is a keeper of secrets, even some he wishes he wasn't keeping. written for music meme; song by Todd Rundgren

What's Past is Prologue (PG-13)
(One-shot) Extended/alternate scene for 2x15 Regret Me Not. Nico and Dani get to talking about past relationships, with interesting results...written for southrnbygrace

Syfy's ALICE

Tunnel of Love (PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Hatter is in love, for the first and last time. written for music meme; song by Dire Straits


Great Minds Think Alike (PG)
(One-shot) AU Iron Man 2 / AU future Quantum Leap. When neural links go askew, the darndest people can make friends! written for whiskyinmind


One Of Us (G)
(One-shot, Drabble) Chloe is more hurt by her break up with Lex than she thought. written for music meme; song by ABBA

Thanks That Was Fun (PG-13)
(One-shot, Drabble) Nobody gets the better of Lex Luthor written for music meme; song by Barenaked Ladies


Up Where We Belong (G/PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) There's a fine line between romantic and cheesy... Wick Lobo/Kathleen Ryan written for music meme; song by Jennifer Warnes & Joe Cocker


Some Fantastic Place (G/PG)
(One-shot, Drabble) Some people move on, and others can't. PJ & Brando. written for music meme; song by Squeeze


We Stand Together (PG-13)
(One-shot) Cracky Crossover - Sometimes even heroes need a little back-up. written for ishilde


Agent Cassidy (PG-13)
(One-shot) AU post-S2 OUAT. Neal Cassidy was a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. written for ishilde


Raising Havoc (PG-13)
(One-shot) AU post-movie, because JT lived - JT and Rock find an Indian baby and have to raise her themselves since Rafe & Anne already have a baby of their own written for langstonlover

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